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Suicide Survivors are Heroes

Suicide Survivors: What Should I do After a Suicide?

Suicide Survivors: How to Deal With the Emotional Shock of a Suicide

Suicide Survivors: The Suicide Was Not Your Fault

Suicide Survivors: Coping With the Emotional Pain

Suicide Survivors: Be Careful Who You Tell About the Suicide

My Husband Killed Himself; I Found the Body; but I Tell Everyone he had a Heart Attack

Suicide Survivors: How Stressful is a Suicide?

Suicide Survivors: The First Year is the Toughest

Suicide Survivors: There is no Closure After a Suicide

Suicide Survivors: Coping with Rumors and Gossip

Suicide Survivors: The Importance of Humor

Suicide Survivors: How to Cope with Holidays, Birthdays, and Anniversaries

Suicide Survivors: What To Do If You Feel Suicidal

Suicide Survivors: Take it One Day at a Time

Suicide Survivors: Dealing with Stigma, Ignorance, and Insensitivity

Suicide Survivors: Denial, Confusion, and the Inability to Think Clearly After a Suicide -- A Suicide Survivor Shares Her Story.

Suicide Survivors: Coping with Finding the Body of Your Loved One After the Suicide

Suicide Survivors: Coping with Anger at Your Suicide Angel

Suicide Survivors: The Importance of Joining a Suicide Survivor Support Group

Suicide Survivors: How the Clergy can Help You or Hurt You

Suicide Survivors: How Owning a Pet can Help Heal After a Suicide

Suicide is NOT a Sin

Suicide is NOT a Crime

Suicide is NOT Self-Murder

Suicide is NOT a Selfish Act - It is an Act of Desperation by Someone in Intense Pain

Suicide is NOT an Act of Weakness; and People who Die by Suicide are Not Weak

The Words I Wish I had said: I Love You Murphy - The Story of my Cousin; how he Killed Himself at age 10; and why I Blamed Myself

I Want to Kill Myself: A Suicide Survivor Shares Her Suicidal Feelings and Suicide Attempt

'My Heart has been Ripped Out. I Feel Like I Died After the Suicides,' says a Mother After Losing Two Sons to Suicide

My Son Killed Himself with My Gun: The Guilt and Pain Overwhelmed Me

My Life is Over: My Feelings of Despair After My Son's Suicide

I am a Burden: My Daughter Would be Better off Without Me

Suicide Survivor Di Kunkle Celebrates the Life of Jessica Pagenhardt

A Beautiful Poem by Suicide Survivor Rebecca Fitzsimmons Vaughn: I Had a Brother

A Beautiful Poem by Suicide Survivor Randall Benzel

A Beautiful Poem by Suicide Survivor Patti Tillotson: Suicide in My Heart

A Poem for Tina: "Don't go, please don't leave me here alone"

Suicide Survivors: Helping Your Children Cope With the Suicide

A 12-year-old Suicide Survivor's Beautiful Poem to Her Mom: Because You Are My Mom

I Know Why My Sister is in Heaven: A 10-year-old Suicide Survivor Tells Her Story

A Prayer for Suicide Angels , Suicide Survivors, and the Suicidal

Take care of yourself and please be gentle with yourself.

Always remember that those who die by suicide are angels; and that suicide survivors are angels and heroes.

I love you and I care about you very much, and I will never stop fighting for you – or praying for you.

God bless you,

Kevin Caruso
Founder, Director, Editor-in-Chief

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