- Suicide Prevention, Awareness, and Support is a 501c3 NON-PROFIT Organization and Website

About is 501c3 nonprofit organization which was conceived and founded by Kevin Caruso in 2004. We currently assist more than 3,000,000 people throughout the world each year.

Our mission is to prevent suicides, support suicide survivors, and educate the public about suicide.

If you have been touched by suicide, we want you to know that we love you, we care about you, we support you, and we fight for you. And with open arms, we welcome you into the family. conducts extensive work online and offline to further its mission of suicide prevention, awareness, and support. In addition to operating, which is the largest and most visited suicide-related site in the world, we own and operate numerous additional critical sites, including,,,,,,,,,,,,, and numerous others. We assist countless individuals via these websites. And we constantly develop new sites.

In addition to assisting suicidal individuals and suicide survivors, we have assisted - and continue to assist - Hurricane Katrina survivors, tsunami survivors, September 11th survivors, Okahoma City Bombing survivors, Virgnia Tech Massacre survivors, survivors of other disasters and tragedies, bullying victims, rape survivors, domestic violence survivors, military veterans, active military personnel, law enforcement personnel, firefighters, EMT personnnel, alcoholics, and drug addicts. We also assist individuals with mental disorders, eating disorders, self-injury problems, and other serious problems and challenges.

We also run an online suicide survivors' forum, which provides a safe place for suicide survivors to receive help. And we work to remember and honor those who have died by suicide, as well as those who have died in disasters, tragedies, war, crimes, and other difficult ways.

And we work to spread awareness about suicide in as many ways as possible.

And we are constantly expanding our online efforts in every way possible so we may better assist suicide survivors, the suicidal, and others who need our help.

Offline, we give presentations about suicide, run suicide awareness campaigns, help schools establish effective suicide prevention and anti-bullying strategies, visit and call suicide survivors, and assist suicidal individuals.

We also work extensively with the press, responding to numerous press inquiries and providing them with interviews, information, and guideance.

And we are ALWAYS improving and expanding our work because it is literally a matter of life or death for the countless people we serve.

Thank you.

I love you,

Kevin Caruso
Founder, Executive Director, Editor-in-Chief
Senior Writer, Forum Administrator

If you or someone you know is suicidal, please go to the Home Page of this website for immediate help.

Thank you.

I love you.

Take care,

Kevin Caruso

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