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Suicide is NOT a Sin

Suicide is NOT a Sin

by Kevin Caruso

I do EVERYTHING that I can to prevent suicide and educate people about suicide.

But suicides do occur.

And suicide survivors cope with overwhelming pain in the aftermath.

And I do EVERYTHING that I can to help and comfort our angels here on earth - suicide survivors.

I am honored to have innumerable friends who happen to be suicide survivors, and I can tell you first hand that the "Suicide is a Sin" issue is an EXTREMELY disquieting thing for them to deal with.

First off, suicide is NOT a sin.

One more time - SUICIDE IS NOT A SIN.

People who die by suicide are in INTENSE, overwhelming pain, and they want that pain to stop. And the vast majority of people who die by suicide have a mental illness.

So let me ask you this: Is it a sin to have a mental illness?

Certainly, if suicide is a sin, then mental illness must also be a sin. How could anyone argue otherwise, for to do so would defy logic. The vast majority of suicides are caused by a mental illness. Most suicides FOLLOW a mental illness. Period.

Let me also ask you this: Is it a sin to have pain that is so overwhelming that you cannot function?

Well, is it?

If suicide is a sin, then having overwhelming pain must be a sin too. The vast majority of people who die by suicide do not want to end their lives, they want to end their pain. Suicide FOLLOWS extreme, overwhelming pain. Period.

So it therefore follows that if suicide is a sin, then having overwhelming pain is a sin, and having a mental illness is also a sin.


Suicide is NOT a sin.

EVERYTHING must be done to prevent suicide, but when someone dies by suicide, to tell the suicide survivors that their loved one has sinned is not only patently wrong, on both factual and moral levels, but is also CRUEL.

Once again, we see IGNORANCE as the cause of a problem.

It is ignorance about suicide that cause people to make such unbelievably idiotic, insensitive, and inaccurate statements.

And some of the clergy are part of the problem - SOME, not all.

I have been to funerals for people who died by suicide in which the "Sin of Suicide" was discussed by the pastor during the service. And I was sickened. How could a man or woman of God speak in such a manner at a funeral with the suicide survivors in attendance.

And I have had numerous theological arguments about this issue with various pastors.

Many are recalciatrant:"Suicide is a sin," they say.

And I say again.Suicide is NOT a sin.

It never has been, and it never will be.

It is an ACT that occurs because someone is mentally ill and is suffering from unbearable is an act to stop excruciating pain.

It is an ACT by someone who is mentally ill.

So the next time someone tells YOU suicide is sin, you can categorically tell them that it is not.


If you or someone you know is suicidal, please go to the Home Page of this website for immediate help.

Thank you.

I love you.

Take care,

Kevin Caruso

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