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Women and Girls in Bangladesh Subjected to
Violence, Torture, and Rape - Many Die by Suicide

Women and Girls in Bangladesh Subjected to
Violence, Torture, and Rape - Many Die by Suicide

by Kevin Caruso

Women's Rights are almost non-existent in Bangladesh. And the number of women who are murdered, beaten, tortured, or raped is astronomically high.

And, sadly, many of the women who are attacked or raped die by suicide.

The statistics are sickening and shocking.

Below are some of the disturbing statistics just from August 2004:

(Please note that these statistics are from reported crimes; the vast majority of crimes against women and girls in Bangladesh are not repoted, and thus these numbers represent a small portion of the real total. Women know that if they report a crime against them they could be subjected to further violence or they could be killed.)

  • 706 reported incidents of violence against women.
  • Over 100 women were raped.
  • 217 young girls were tortured, of which 50 were killed, 42 raped, 34 badly injured, 29 kidnapped, 18 sold into prostitution, and 13 attacked with acid. (Throwing acid on the face of a young girl or woman is, sadly, a common crime in Bangladesh. The acid usually disfigures them for life.)
  • Seven young girls died by suicide.
  • 51 women were victims of violence because of dowry-related problems, of which 25 were killed, 15 were tortured, and 4 died by suicide. (Dowry disputes are extremely common in Bangladesh. A dowry is the personal property and/or money that is given to the husband's family from the bride's family after a marriage. Oftentimes, the husband and his family do not believe that the property and/or money received is adequate so they beat, torture or kill the poor girl who just married into the family. And if she survives, she oftentimes dies by suicide.)


It is always deeply disquieting to hear of unjustifiable violence against women; and the violence stems from an extremely high level of ignorance and a complete lack of conscience on the part of the cowardly perpetrators.

Tragically, suicide is oftentimes the result of domestic violence, rape, torture, and abuse against women.

And for those who think that women in the U.S. are somehow immune to such violence -- pull your heads out of the sand.

Although not as egregious as the horrors in Bangladesh and some other countries, domestic violence, domestic rape, acquaintance rape, stranger rape, random violence, and countless other abuses occur against women every day in the U.S.

Additionally, sexism is still quite strong in the U.S. -- the corporate "glass ceiling" is still firmly intact, although a few cracks in the pane can be seen, and women only earn 75 percent of the wages that men earn for the exact same work.

(By the way, how many U.S. presidents have been women? Vice presidents? I could continue, but you get my point.)


Abuses towards women -- in any form -- can lead to depression. And untreated depression is the number one cause for suicide.

Women are much more likely to attempt suicide than men. So depression always needs to be taken very seriously.

If you think that you may be depressed, please make appointments with a medical doctor and a therapist so you may be evaluated and treated.

If you or someone you know is suicidal, please go to the Home Page of this website for immediate help.

Thank you.

I love you.

Take care,

Kevin Caruso

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