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Steven Pendroy Memorial

Steven Pendroy
Steven Pendroy

Steven Pendroy with his sister Genevera
Steven Pendroy (right), with his sister Genevera

Remembering an Angel:
Steven Pendroy

by Kevin Caruso

Steven Pendroy was a handsome, intelligent, strong, talented, caring, and adventurous young man. His full name was actually Steven Taylor Wray Pendroy, but most of his friends called him "Taylor" or just "Tay."

Taylor loved adventure and he loved to travel -- and travel he did. His adventures led him on many long journeys, including a trip by car from Alaska to the Florida keys, and another from Nova Scotia to the Pacific Coast of Mexico.

Taylor loved to be on the road; to meet people; to see new places; and to try new things.

And Taylor's many talents allowed him to hold a number of interesting and exciting jobs.

He served honorably in the U.S. Navy, and his outstanding service included a year aboard the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Eisenhower.

He also participated in rodeo competitions.

He worked as a professional model.

And he helped runaway youths find shelter, food, and support in Eugene, Oregon.

And he played just as hard as he worked. He was an avid fisherman, and enjoyed fishing in Alaska. He also loved to go canoeing, particularly in the Florida Keys.

And he was in the Florida Keys when he decided to travel to Virginia, where his sister, Genevera, was stationed at the Pentagon.

But Taylor was not well. He apparently had been suffering from depression, and had been hiding that fact from his friends and family.

When Taylor arrived in Virginia, he entered a construction site where the workers had left for the day.

He walked to the underground parking garage, and he hanged himself.

Taylor passed away on February 26, 2001.

He was 23.

He is survived by his wonderful mother, Lesley, his precious sister, Genevera, and his precious brothers, Thane and Marc.

You were a wonderful person Taylor.

And now you are an angel.

We miss you Tay.

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