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Steve Leach Memorial

Steve Leach
Steve Leach

Steve Leach
Steve Leach arrests
serial killer Ivan Milat

Remembering an Angel:
Hero Detective Steve Leach

by Kevin Caruso

Detective Sergeant Steve Leach, from Sydney, Australia, was a well-known, veteran police officer with 35 years of experience.

Steve Leach was so highly respected by his fellow officers that they referred to him as "a policeman's policeman."

He was assigned some of Australia's most horrific crimes. And he arrested serial killer Ivan Milat (see picture above), who murdered seven people between 1989 and 1992.

He also worked in Serbia and Montenegro from 2000 to 2003 as an investigator for the European War Crimes Tribunal, in which he had to view sites where massacres occurred, and then interview survivors.

Steve was an extremely strong man, both physically and mentally, and handled all of his assignments with the highest levels of integrity, courage, intelligence, and competence.

He was also highly ambitious and believed that he should have received a higher rank than detective sergeant.

And he was frustrated by what he believed was a ridiculous and unfair promotion system in which he and other officers were forced to engage in "role play" during their promotion examinations.

In March, Steve applied for a newly created position as inspector at the coroner's office, but the job was given to a much younger officer who had only a fraction of Steve's experience.

Steve was furious and appealed the decision.

Unbelievably, Steve lost the appeal.

And soon afterwards, he became depressed.

On August 2, 2004, Steve, who was off-duty at the time, calmly walked into the police station, went to the armory room, obtained his service handgun, and shot himself in the head.

He was 51.

Steve's fellow police officers were shocked, and immediately blamed the idiotic promotion system.

One outraged officer did not mince words when he described the promotion system as "bullshit." He went on the say, "The promotions system is the only that was upsetting this very calm, [great police officer]. The current system is promoting people with just 12 years of experience over someone with 35 years of experience - this just destroys people like Steve Leach."

Steve was one of the greatest police officers in Australia's history.

Everyone loved and respected him.

And he made the streets safer because of his hard work.

He was a dedicated, superstar cop who loved his job and who loved to help people.

He was a hero.

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