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Paul Racine Memorial

Paul Racine (right)

Paul Racine (wearing hat) and his family

One of Paul Racine's favorite places -
West Lake, Sandsifield, Massachusetts

Remembering an Angel:
Paul Racine

by Kevin Caruso

Paul Racine was an intelligent, caring, hard working, popular and talented man.

Paul loved the outdoors and would "get away" every chance that he could. He was an outstanding "catch and release" fisherman and always impressed others with his angling skills. He also enjoyed boating, kayaking, hiking, and camping.

And he had a passion for nature photography; so every time he took a trip to the great outdoors he would bring his camera and capture one great scene after the other. His photographs were spectacular.

Paul also had a deep love for animals, and had a special way with them.

And he enjoyed many types of motor vehicles. He had a passion for trucks and loved to drive them and talk about them. He also enjoyed riding "quads" and dirtbikes.

Paul was also highly adept at working with his hands. He was an excellent carpenter and a deft machinist.

And he had a wonderful sense of humor and knew how to keep his family and friends laughing; he always loved to raise people's spirits by providing them with a good laugh.

And when Paul wasn't joking around, he was helping others. Paul was a humble man so he didn't tell many people about his good acts, but he was always reaching out to help others. For instance, Paul lived in Massachusetts, and he knew that motorists would get their cars stuck in snow banks after snow storms; so he would drive around looking for people to help after every snowfall -- and he would always make sure to keep his eyes open for seniors and women. Whenever he found a stuck vehicle, he would dig the car out, put chains on the tires, or do whatever was needed to free the vehicle. When people offered to pay him, he would politely refuse, and would not even give them his name. He did not want recognition or money, he just wanted to help.and afterwards he would rarely tell others what he did. That is the kind of man that Paul Racine was -- a good man.

Paul was very close to his family members and would help them out as much as possible too. Lynn, one of Paul's sisters, had two teenage boys and was a single parent for many years. And Paul knew that his nephews needed a father figure in their lives, so he would frequently visit and take the boys out to events and do "guy stuff." It was not unusual for Paul to show up on any given day at Lynn's house and say to the boys, "Come on; let's go!" And off they would go for a day of adventure and fun.

Paul particularly liked to take his nephews snow sledding, and one day he gave them the thrill of their lives when he took them to the highest hill in town!

Paul was also very close to his other sister, Vicki, and the two of them often spent time together at home or events.

But Paul started experiencing some sharp chest pains in the summer of 2004 and became depressed. He went to his doctor for a series of tests; but he never received the results.

The day before the results were released, Paul decided to visit one of his favorite places in the world -- West Lake, in Sandisfield, Massachusetts.

West Lake is a beautiful and serene place where Paul loved to recreate.

Paul went to a secluded area that overlooked the lake and sat against a magnificent tree, a tree which had branches that grew downward and inward. He then shot himself in the chest with a shotgun.

He died by suicide on September 15, 2004.

He was 38.

Paul is deeply missed by many; especially his loving family, including his mother, Joyce; stepfather, John; brother, Scott; sisters, Vicki and Lynn; nephews, Nathaniel, Jordan, and Andrew; and neices, Emily and Kali.

Paul is now an angel.

We miss you Paul.

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