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Nathan Delaplane Memorial

Nathan Delaplane
Nathan Delaplane

Nathan Delaplane
Nathan Delaplane

Remembering an Angel:
Nathan Delaplane

by Kevin Caruso

Nathan Delaplane was a handsome, intelligent, thoughtful, kind, sensitive, giving, and caring young man.

And of all of the wonderful attributes this special young man possessed (and there were many) -- it was his deep concern for others that may have been his strongest.

Nathan always wanted to help others, and did whatever he could to lend a hand to those in need; and because he had a huge heart, he was very careful about what he said to others. He never wanted to hurt, offend, or upset anyone.

Few people possess the incredible sensitivity that this fine young man exhibited.

And he would stand up for anyone who was bullied or was the victim of injustice -- cruelty and unfairness always outraged him.

And he did not ask for much from his family or friends. He didn't need much because he was a very unselfish person who found pleasures in the simplest things in life. Nathan was satisfied to just take a walk in the woods and enjoy the great outdoors.

Nathan also enjoyed jet skiing, bicycle riding, hiking in the mountains, and interacting with his dog and cat -- Nathan had a very deep love for animals and always derived great joy from his interactions with them.

He was certainly a special person; but he was a private person, and an introspective person.

So when he started suffering from depression, he did not tell anyone -- he did not want to burden anyone, so he kept his emotions locked inside, and the depression worsened.

He did, however, write many of his feelings down on his computer, but he did not get help for his depression.

And untreated depression is the number one cause for suicide.

On May 4, 2000, Nathan hanged himself.

He was 18.

Nathan is deeply missed by his family, including his wonderful parents, Gary and Elvira; and his wonderful brother, Aaron.

To best appreciate what a caring and sensitive young man Nathan was, please read the journal entry that Nathan wrote when his beloved cat, Dusty, passed away.

Dusty and Nathan were the best of friends.

This is what Nathan wrote:

In Memory of Dusty

My Cat Dusty has Died

My cat Dusty died today. He was around thirteen years old, humble and precious like most cats are. I was worried when he didn't come to dinner but I had just gotten back from a physically draining bike ride and he was probably just outside or something. Later on, I went to go get some water from the kitchen and while I was down there I decided to look for him. After yelling down the basement and receiving no response I worried that he was really outside. But I went into my parents' room and as I walked through it to their bathroom I smelled something that I would never forget, something I've smelt before but this time it made my stomach churn with a slight fear of what may be true but I let that get out of my head as soon as possible.

But, as I turned the corner, I saw Dusty. But when I called his name he didn't respond and truly scared me, so I went up to him and touched him. When he didn't respond, my head began to fill with fear, madness, hatred, sickness and then I lost the ability to control myself and broke down right there on the closet floor next to him.

I knew it would happen sooner or later but why now? Why not a hundred years from now? I didn't even get to say goodbye but I guess nobody really does. I mean even if you're there when they give him a shot you still weren't able to say goodbye. And the thing is that I would have so stubbornly insisted that I go before he did any day of my life. As I cried right there by him I was so scared by the concept of having to bury him and having to tell them about that. I just kept crying more and more until I just found myself lying on the floor there in my parents' closet overcome by weakness.


Only an unbelievably sensitive, caring, kind, and loving person feels emotions as deeply as that, and writes like that -- and that is exactly the person that Nathan was.

And he is now an angel.

We miss you Nathan.


The Delaplane family have a beautiful memorial website that they have put up in Nathan's memory.

You can visit their memorial site by clicking below:

Nathan Delaplane Memoial

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