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Lindsay Armstrong Memorial

Lindsay Armstrong
Lindsay Armstrong

Lindsay Armstrong
Lindsay Armstrong

Remembering an Angel:
Lindsay Armstrong

by Kevin Caruso

Lindsay Armstrong was a beautiful, caring, talented, intelligent, outgoing, and popular girl who lived in Scotland with her family.

Lindsay was an honor student at her school, and was highly respected by her classmates and teachers.

She loved life and had an abundance of energy; and she always enjoyed going out with her friends and meeting new people.

She was very friendly, and everyone loved her.

She lived life to its fullest.

She was an amazing person.

On September 17, 2001, Lindsay was walking near her home when a teenager pushed her to the ground and brutally beat and raped her.

Lindsay was 16-years-old at the time and the piece-of-garbage rapist was 14.

The rapist was quickly arrested.

Lindsay immediately began to suffer from severe clinical depression. She withdrew from her family and friends, did not want to leave the house, and dropped out of school.

But when the day arrived to go to court, she was determined to stand up against the piece-of-garbage rapist, and she went to court ready to fight.

But she was terrorized before she even entered the courtroom. The rapist was standing in front of the court house waiting for her -- and he stared at her in an attempt to intimidate her as she walked by.

Badly shaken, Lindsay proceeded into the courtroom, only to be humiliated, intimidated, badgered, and vilified at the proceedings inside.

The defense attorney was ruthless in his cross-examination of Lindsay.

And after a lengthy, relentless, and brutal cross-examination by the attorney, unbelievably, the rapist himself was allowed to cross-examine her -- the laws in Scotland at that time actually allowed rapists to cross-examine their vicitms!

The rapist approached the witness stand and began to badger Lindsay. As Lindsay began to shake and cry, he only raised his voice and fixed his evil stare more intently upon her.

The judge was of no help, as he allowed the badgering to continue without interruption.

She had difficulty responding to the disgusting questions as she continued shaking and crying in the witness stand.

Later, when the defense attorney continued his ruthless cross-examination of Lindsay, he forced her to hold up the underwear that she was wearing when she was raped.

Her arm noticeable shook when she did so, and she could not stop crying.

Soon afterwards -- as he continued to question her relentlessly -- he forced her to hold up the underwear for a second time.

Again, her arm shook and she continued to cry.

Lindsay was horrified, humiliated, and overwhelmed.

The cross-examination lasted all day, and Lindsay had difficulty walking afterwards.

Soon thereafter, the travesty of a trial came to an end.

The loser was sentenced to only four years in juvenile detention; and because he was 14 at the time of the rape, his identity was never disclosed.


Not surprisingly, Lindsay's depression worsened significantly immediately after the trial. She did not want to talk with anyone or see anyone. She did not even want to leave her room.

She had difficulty talking.

She had difficulty sleeping.

She cried incessantly.

She felt disoriented.

And she had deep anger that she could barely begin to express.

On July 16, 2002, three weeks after the trial ended, Lindsay died by suicide.

She took an overdose of prescription medication.

She was 17.

Lindsay's parents, Frank and Linda, were deeply enraged and disgusted at how Lindsay was treated in court and said that she was "tortured" during the proceedings.

"She was mentally scarred by what happened and never got over it," said Linda. "She was determined to give evidence against she didn't want it to happen to anyone else."

"We were hoping and praying that this animal would at least spare her the ordeal of giving evidence," said Frank. "But it didn't happen and she ended up being torn to shreds by his defense lawyer after spending all day on the stand. They basically said she deserved to be raped. And that's how she felt at the end of the day."

Frank and Linda Armstrong have a GREAT suicide support group that offers assistance to victims of rape and sexual assault (and their families) in Scotland.

Here is the link:

Lindsay Armstrong Support Group, UK

Frank and Linda, I want to remind you that you are both heroes of mine and that I love you more than you can imagine. Your work not only helps countless people, but HONORS Lindsay in more ways than you can imagine.

Lindsay is one of the greatest angels in Heaven and she looks down on both of you every day with great love and pride.

I support you 100% and will always fight to keep the memory of Lindsay alive and fight for women who have been victimized like she was.

God bless you.

With great love and respect,

Kevin Caruso
Founder, Director, Editor-in-Chief

Frank and Lindsay Armstrong
Frank and Lindsay Armstrong:
Two Heroes

Lindsay Armstrong
Lindsay Armstrong:
One of God's Special Angels

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