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Kristin Cooper Memorial

Andrea Cooper, Kristin Cooper's Mom
Andrea Cooper (Kristin's mom)
speaks about Kristin Cooper
(background photo)

Remembering an Angel:
Kristin Cooper

by Kevin Caruso

Kristin Cooper was a beautiful, intelligent, hard-working, ambitious, caring, and popular young woman when she entered Baker College in Kansas.

And she immediately excelled as soon as her classes began. She also found a boyfriend, and made numerous friends.

She was happy and looking forward to a wonderful future.

But things changed dramatically for Kristin one evening when she went to a party at a friend's apartment -- when it came time to leave, a man asked her if she wanted to stay and watch a movie. Kristin agreed, and after everyone left, the loser attacked and raped her.

Kristin was horrified and deeply traumatized.

She left the apartment in shock and didn't know what to do. She was afraid to tell her family and friends about the rape -- so she decided not to call the police and not to tell anyone.

Her personality immediately changed -- she became reclusive and fearful, and began to suffer from depression.

She struggled for a long time trying to decide wheter to tell her boyfriend or not. And when the pain became so bad that she was having difficulty functioning, she decided to tell him.

But when she told him, he became very angry and broke up with her.

So the one person that Kristin reached out to in her most vulnerable moment rejected her.

This disgusting, stupid, selfish, insensitive, irresponsible, ignorant loser caused Kristin to fall into a deeper and much more dangerous depression.

Kristin cried incessantly.

She could not concentrate.

And her grades dropped significantly.

On December 31, 1995, Andrea Cooper, Kristin's mom, arrived home and heard the stereo playing at a near-deafening level. This concerned Andrea because Kristin never played the stereo that loudly. Andrea quickly entered the house and saw Kristin lying on the floor next to the speakers.

Andrea's first thought was that she had too much to drink at a New Year's Eve gathering and passed out. So she walked over to her and leaned down -- she then saw a gun lying on the floor.

Kristin had shot herself in the head.

An open notebook was positioned on the floor next to Kristin -- the open pages displayed a horrifying poem that she had written...a poem about the rape.

Kristin was 20.

Kristin is now an angel.

We miss you Kristin.


Rape is a very serious crime that always causes the victim tremendous emotional pain.

Rape victims frequently suffer from depression.

And depression is the number one cause for suicide.

If you have been raped, please call the National Sexual Assault Hotline


It does not matter whether the rape happened recently or long ago, please call. People want to help you.

And remember that all rapists are cowards, criminals, and losers and belong in prison.

There never is an excuse for rape, and it is always a very serious crime.

Always call the police immediately if you ever are raped.

For additional informaion, please click below.

Rape Victims Prone to Suicide

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