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Joe Rogers Memorial

Joe Rogers
Joe Rogers

Remembering an Angel:
Joe Rogers

by Kevin Caruso

On March 17, 2004, Joe Rogers, a thirteen-year-old seventh-grader, from Joyce, Washington, was at his grammar school, and during his language class, he took a gun out and shot himself in the chest.

He died shortly afterwards.

Eighteen fellow students and his teacher were in the class when the suicide occurred.

Family members, friends, teachers, and students did not know why he died by suicide. And no suicide note was found.

Friends said that he was a nice person and was popular.

Nobody saw any suicide warning signs.

Joe was probably depressed, but hid his feelings well - too well.

Sometimes people do not show any warning signs before they die by suicide, but that does not mean they aren't feeling depressed.

Many depressed people hide their feelings completely, but the depression may not go away. And when it does not go away, suicidal feelings may occur.

And suicide is often seen as the only way to end the pain.

Students who feel depressed or suicidal must be able to speak up. But for them to speak up, they need to have enough knowledge about depression and suicide to know what it is that they are experiencing, and they must be in an environment where they feel comfortable to ask for help.

That is why all schools should have a suicide prevention program.

You may obtain a suicide prevention program for your school right here at - and it is free.

Please click below for more information:

School Prevention School Guide

If you are a student, talk with your principal about starting a suicide prevention program. You can print some of the pages of this website and bring it to him or her.

If you are a teacher or and administrator, you have a suicide prevention program right here for you -- and it is free. Print the pages out now, and get started.

Every school needs a suicide prevention program.

And suicide is always urgent. So please do not delay.

Please start a suicide prevention program in your school as soon as possible.

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