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Dean Todd Memorial

Dean Todd
Dean Todd

Remembering an Angel:
Military Hero Sgt. Dean Todd

by Kevin Caruso

Dean Todd was a hard-working, intelligent, and dedicated U.S. Army sergeant who was stationed with the 307th Signal Battalion at Camp Carroll in Waegwen, South Korea.

Sgt. Todd was a satellite communications expert, and was highly adept at his job.

And he was highly respected by everyone in his battalion. He cared very deeply about all of the soldiers that he worked with and would go out of his way to help any of them. If anyone in the battalion seemed down, Sgt. Todd would be the first to ask if everything was okay. And if anyone needed help, he would be the first to ask what he could do to lend assistance.

Thus, Sgt. Todd epitomized the strong team spirit of our armed services -- to help your brother and sister soldiers whenever they need help. To stick together. To be a team. To support each other. And to be ready for anything, including combat.

Sgt. Todd was an outstanding soldier.

And he was a fine human being. He was a great friend to everyone who knew him; and he was a very sensitive man who felt things very deeply, and thus was able to exhibit great empathy to those in emotional pain.

He was also very intelligent, had a passion for computers, loved music, and enjoyed dancing.

And he kept himself in top physical condition. He constantly lifted weights and jogged, and was one of the most fit soldiers in his battalion -- he always scored extremely high on his physical fitness tests.

And one day Sgt. Todd was informed that he was going to receive a promotion and be transferred to MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida. So the entire 307th Signal Battalion got together and threw him a going away party.

So everything seemed to be going quite well for Sgt. Todd.

But on August 30, 2004, a few days after his going away party and about two weeks before his departure to Florida, Sgt. Todd hanged himself.

He was 21.

Everyone in the battalion was deeply shocked and overwhelmed with sadness.

No one in the battalion saw any warning signs.

But Sgt. Todd was probably suffering from depression. And untreated depression is the number one cause for suicide.

No one in the military wants to appear weak. And, unfortunately, many soldiers equate being depressed with being weak. But depression is not a weakness, it is an illness --- and all illnesses need to be treated.

Depression is highly treatable, and the vast majority of people who receive treatment for their depression get better.

Sgt. Todd is deeply missed by his family, friends, and his entire battalion.

Sgt. Todd served honorably in the U.S. Army, and was a hero.

He will always be a member of the 307th Signal Battalion.

And now he is an angel.

We miss you Sgt. Todd.

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