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David Guindon Memorial

David Guindon
David Guindon

David Guindon
A final salute to hero David Guindon

Remembering an Angel:
Military Hero Sgt. David Guindon

by Kevin Caruso

Tech Sgt. David Guindon, 48, a New Hampshire Air Force National Guardsman, returned from the war in Iraq to a cheering crowd.

The next day, he shot himself in the head.

Sgt. David Guindon's six-month tour in Iraq included a mission that was extremely difficult - a mission that caused him great stress.

"[Sgt. David Guindon's mission] was a very, very deadly mission that airmen have never encountered before," said Major Christopher Hurley, commander of the Logistics Readiness Squadron of the New Hampshire Air National Guard's 157th Refueling Wing.

Although Major Hurley was not at liberty to give details about the mission, he did offer some general information: "Basically, they saw a lot of stuff over there. They braved firefights, IEDs [improved explosive devices, a.k.a. roadside bombs]. They had temperatures in excess of 140 degrees in the [trucks] that they were in."

Captain Greg Heilshorn, a public affairs officer for the New Hampshire National guard, added: "They [also] manned weapons, which typically they don't do. As they protected convoys, Sgt. David Guindon's unit would have used M16 rifles and .50-caliber machine guns."

Hero David Guindon was buried with full military honors on August 26, 2004.

A 21-gun salute resonated in the air to honor Sgt. David Guindon; and two trumpeters solemnly played "Taps" as the hero was laid to rest.

Sgt. David Gunidon was a great person and an outstanding soldier, and his fellow soldiers had great respect for him.

"Sgt. David Gunidon felt a high degree of patriotism in wanting to serve," said Major Hurley. "He was an established professional on the outside, and he wanted to keep his military [ties] official.because he loved his country.He displayed tremendous leadership and initiative under hostile situations."

Last month, Sgt. David Guindon was awarded the Army Combat patch for his outstanding performance during the war.

Sgt. David Guindon's civilian job was that of a quality assurance specialist for the Defense Contract Management Agency in New Hampshire.

Sgt. David Guindon was a patriotic, hard-working, dedicated, kind, altruistic, and giving person.

He is missed by many.

He is a hero.

And he is an angel.


We all salute you Sgt. David Guindon.

Thank you for serving.

You are a man of great honor.

You are a hero of the highest order.

We love you.

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