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Daniel Glover Memorial

Daniel Glover
Superstar Athlete Daniel Glover

Daniel Glover and Jake Patterson
Daniel Glover (left) with his best friend Jake Patterson

The Glover Family
The Glover Family
(from left to right): Sarah, Deborah, Larry, Rhonda, and Daniel

Remembering an Angel:
Daniel Glover

by Kevin Caruso

Daniel Glover was a handsome, intelligent, outgoing, fun, sensitive, caring, and popular young man who attended Central High School in Keller, Texas.

And Daniel was a gifted athlete. He was the fastest sprinter in his class and actually made the varsity track team as a sophomore!

And he was a great football player.

So Daniel's athletic ability put him in a class by himself and made him one of the true sports superstars of Central High.

Daniel was, without a doubt, a spectacular athlete.

He also was also an excellent hunter, and he used his outstanding marksmanship and impressive hunting skills to bring in two deer on the opening day of hunting season in 2006.

Daniel loved the outdoors, and hunting was just one of the many activities that allowed him to recreate with his family and friends.

But the most important thing in Daniel’s life was his family. Daniel had great love and respect for his dad, Larry; his beautiful mom, Rhonda; and his two lovely sisters, Deborah and Sarah.

Daniel also had several good friends, including his close football buddies, Jake Patterson and Alex.

And when Daniel was with his friends or family members, his warm nature and deep sensitivity were always evident. And that’s because he truly cared for other people. Daniel was a great guy. And everyone loved him.

But Daniel had a very difficult sophomore year in high school. A few challenging issues in his life caused him to become depressed.

And on April 18, 2007, Daniel died by suicide.

He was 16.

Larry Glover, Daniel’s father, made the following statement on behalf of the Glover family about Daniel’s passing:

“Our lives were forever changed that day and my family and I miss him dearly.

“I am proud to be called Daniel’s father and thank God that he blessed me to have spent 16 years with the only boy that I can call my only son.

“I will love him to the day I die.”

Daniel Glover

Daniel Glover Angel

Daniel Glover is now one of the greatest angels in Heaven.

We miss him.

We love him.

We honor him.

And we will never forget him.


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