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Brandon Eric Murphy Memorial

Brandon Eric Murphy
Brandon Eric Murphy

Brandon Eric Murphy
Brandon Eric Murphy

Remembering an Angel:
Brandon Eric Murphy

Brandon Eric Murphy was a handsome, intelligent, sensitive, caring, outgoing, hard-working, and talented young man with a wonderful sense of humor and a big smile.

Brandon loved the outdoors and would go for walks as often as he could. He also loved to go camping, hiking, and fishing.

And he was an excellent athlete who worked out and went for long runs on a regular basis.

He also loved animals, and his warm nature always came out when there was an animal close by! He was particularly close to his loyal dog, Arrow.

And Brandon knew how to be a great friend. He always went out of his way to help his closest friends, including Alex, Tyler, and innumerable others.

Jasmin Surkau, one of Brandon’s close friends, made the following statement about how great a friend Bradon was: “Brandon always helped me when I was down and I love him for that like no other!”

And Brandon had an amazing skill for writing free verse. He was a gifted poet and he loved to put his pen to paper as often as possible; and when he did, his sensitivity and creativity always flowed. Brandon was like a young Tupac – he would see something or feel something, and then put it into a verse in a masterful way that few others could match at his age.

Brandon was special, and everyone who met him knew that.

Maya Williams, Brandon’s aunt, made the following statement about Brandon in which she summed up what a special person he was:

“It is obvious he profoundly touched many lives, with his sly smile, his generous heart, and his crazy sense of humor. He was sensitive in more ways than we knew and used the house roof as his sanctuary to chill and listen to Tupac.

“Brandon would do anything for his friends and was thought of as family by many.

“You could not meet a more caring and sweet guy. He was loved by all.”

Sadly, this young shining star died by suicide on August 1, 2007.

He was 15.

He is deeply missed by his mother, Angie; his father, Eric; his sister, Peyton; his brother, Tarik; and countless others including his grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends.

Aunt Sandy, one of Brandon ’s favorite people, wrote a beautiful poem in memory of Brandon, and she wanted to share it with the world in honor of Brandon.

It is called “'B' is Free.”

Here is that beautiful and moving poem:

'B' is FREE

Baby you R free…auntie is writing this poem for you “B”

Whispers on butterfly wings Baby you R free…

I pray you have found the peace your heart craved “B”

Move on to your eternity blue skies, doves and angel wings

We continue to love you auntie and family…

Baby your R free…

Earth to earth…Ashes to ashes…Dust to dust

God hear my prayer please take care of our gift…1st Son, Great Grandson, Grandson, Great Nephew, Nephew to our family!

The son rose for this baby boy “B” & as the sunsets on his life too soon I remember “B” eyes and smiles you were Mr. Chick Magnet to me!

Baby you R free…through my tears I cry “WHY” you lie not “B”

As the sadness holds on to me my heart breaks silently I can’t imagine my brother or your mother their GRIEF…their baby affectionately known as “B”

Baby your R free…I will blow kisses and pray for one wish…a dream to come 2 come true for us & you my favorite people are their waiting for you “B” Together you walk smiling hand and hand with my granny Christine and my grandpa Harold until we meet again… The tears now burning my eyes as I picture you guys walking by keeping you safe…


Quincy Pace, one of Brandon's close friends, wrote the following beautiful and moving poem in memory of Brandon.

Forever We Will Love You

My heart is now broken,
But that itself will mend,
soon no more tears will be shed
for the loss of my brother, my friend
I wish I could see you once again
You held me down
You were supposed to be there until the end
Chillin', kickin' back,
reminiscin' till the end
intertwined, two friends
then broken, you left me behind
But for always, and always you will be a big part of my life.

Through you I've learned life,
Through you I've learned death
you have everyone feeling like we are the last ones left
and you remained true, up to your last breath
I have prayed for you in life
I will coninue to pray for you in death

And I pray that your heart is now content
I pray that you made amends with God before you went.
I pray that you know what you left behind
I pray that you knew inside how much we all loved you,
how much we care,
and I hope you know that we would always be there...
Watching, wanting and waiting
for that ONE SWEET DAY
Hoping that one day I will get that chance to say.
Everything I never said to you when you were in front of my face...

That you would be my friend always and forever I will stay
down for you
And that as my BROTHER and as one of my truest FRIENDS I LOVE YOU
My heart mourns for you,
and soon there will but nothing but smiles on my face
You were here long enough to bestow us with your grace
to make everything better
you impact our lives
that's why you see so many selfish tears from our eyes

But Heaven is where we belong
and that is where you are.
But in spirit you are still with us,
In spirit you will help us guide us...
Until the day that we catch up
and when that comes
I'll love and laugh at our memories
and remember that you are right here with me
Just doin' you, now it's done

Fear will make you do things that you wouldn't normally do.
So help us be strong through anything we happen to go through.
Because that was you and that is what you were remembered for,
helping everyone out...
Making sure no one was left sore.

Forever we will love you
and forever we will miss you
forever you will be in our hearts
and forever we will be together
we will never be apart...

Rest In Peace
My Brother, My Friend, My Cuzzo

Brandon Eric Murphy -- An Angel

Brandon Eric Murphy -- An Angel

Brandon is now one of the greatest angels in Heaven.

We miss him.

We honor him.

We love him.

And we will never forget him.

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