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Adam Kavelman Memorial

Adam Kavelman
Adam Kavelman

Soccer Star Adam Kavelman
Soccer Star Adam Kavelman

Adam Kavelman
Adam Kavelman

Adam Kavelman's first birthday (with his mom, Sue)
Adam Kavelman's first birthday
(with his mom, Sue)

Adam Kavelman with his girlfriend Lori
Adam Kavelman with his girlfriend Lori

The Kavelman Family
Bob (father), Sue (mother), Meghan (sister), and Adam

Remembering an Angel:
Adam Kavelman

by Kevin Caruso

Adam Kavelman was a handsome, intelligent, talented, caring, sensitive, and wonderful person who lived in Ontario, Canada.

Adam was a tremendously talented artist who loved to draw and write. He loved architecture and was a student at the Lawrence Technological University for Architecture; he was an outstanding student and had a promising career in architectural design ahead of him.

And he had a great, supportive family, with a wonderful mother and father -- Sue and Bob; and a very special sister -- Meghan.

He also had a wonderful girlfriend, Lori, who he was deeply in love with.

But Adam suffered from depression. And, like many other people who suffer from depression, he hid his depression from his friends and family. But his depression kept getting worse, and eventually his parents found out about it. And in his senior year in high school he also began to experience severe anxiety attacks.

His depression and anxiety caused him to lose his self-confidence and self-esteem and he became very self-conscious -- he believed that he had to plan all of his conversations with others so that he would not "slip up" or have any uncomfortable silences to deal with.

He did get into therapy and started to take medication, but he was able to convince his therapist that he was fine (even though he was not) and quickly ended his therapy and stopped taking medication.

Adam's depression and anxiety grew worse while he was at college. And he eventually felt like he had no hope.

On May 17, 2000, Adam died by suicide.

He was 19.

We miss you Adam.

You are now an angel.


The Kavelmans have put up a beautiful memorial website for Adam. Please click below to visit their site:

Adams - Adam Kavelman's Memorial Site

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