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Attempted Suicide Horrors

Attempted Suicide Horrors

by Kevin Caruso

The vast majority of people who attempt suicide do not actually die by suicide.

(Let me emphatically remind you that it is never okay to die by suicide or attempt suicide. Never.)

So please let me share with you some of the horrors of people who have attempted suicide, and were left in bad shape because of their attempt.

Amber jumped off of a cliff. She lived, but broke her back (and many other bones). And now she is paralyzed from the waist down and confined to a wheelchair. She lives with her mother.

Martin shot himself in the head with a revolver. He survived, but suffered extensive brain damage. He is in a care facility.

Steven tried to hang himself. He survived, but suffered extensive brain damage. His mother and father now care for him.

Donna thought that taking an overdose of pills would be a peaceful and surefire way to end her life. She took the overdose, but she did not die. Her mother found her lying unconscious on the floor. Donna lapsed into a coma. She eventually came out of her coma, but suffered internal organ damage and brain damage. She is in a care facility.

James shot himself in the abdomen. He did not die, but he suffered massive injuries and lost a kidney.

Elizabeth jumped from a bridge. She landed on a rock and broke her back (and many other bones). She survived, but is paralyzed from the neck down and is in a care facility.

Charles cut his wrists. He survived but severed a tendon and damaged several nerves in his left arm. He has never regained full use of his left hand.

Roger thought a shotgun would blow his head clean off so he would die instantly. He placed the back of the gun on the ground and pulled the trigger. He lived. The gun moved as he was pulling the trigger and his brain was not touched, but the tremendous muzzle blast destroyed his face--everything just below his eyes was gone, including his mouth, chin, nose, and cheeks. After innumerable surgeries, Roger still lives with horrible disfigurement.

And, unfortunately, there are many, many more sad stories like these.

Suicide is a very, very, very serious thing. It is never okay to die by suicide. And for many people who attempt suicide, the result is a paralyzed or disfigured body, or permanent brain damage.

Please don't be one of those people.

Please get help.

You really need to understand the consequences of a suicide attempt.

And all of the consequences are horrible.

Instead of reaching for an instrument to harm yourself, reach for your phone.

Call 911 or 1-800-SUICIDE and get the help that you need.

Or click below for a list of suicide hotlines

Suicide Hotlines

Take care.

And remember, people care for you, and people want to help you.

Don't harm yourself. Don't ever, under any circumstances, harm yourself.

You are awesome! And don't forget it.

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